Little Lenni Dolls all together posing dressed in floral clothes. Handmade soft toys, ethically made using natural fabrics and materials.

The world of Little Lenni dolls

Little Lenni is a small, one-woman-owned studio. We create Little Lenni dolls in small batches, using only the best natural and organic materials available. With a background in illustration and design, we put great care into the design and aesthetics of our dolls. They are entirely handmade with special attention to detail and have a unique design that brings aesthetics to everyday life and fits perfectly in carefully decorated nurseries and homes.

Our dolls

Natural and Organic Materials

At our workshop, we create handmade dolls using only the best natural and organic materials, so your child‘s new best friend is both high-quality and safe. The dolls‘ bodies are made with organic unbleached cotton, and we use organic cotton for their clothing.

We choose hypoallergenic carded wool for stuffing, which with its breathability prevents any unwanted mold or mildew buildup. We strongly believe that using carded wool instead of synthetic polyester filling is the more natural, sustainable, and hypoallergenic choice for stuffing dolls.

Our values

Quality, Safety & Sustainability

At our workshop, we pour our hearts into each handmade doll, paying close attention to every detail. Using only the highest-quality natural materials we ensure that our dolls more durable than their mass produced counterparts, and also safer for your little ones to snuggle up with. They are laboratory tested and comply with strict European toy safety standards.

We design our dolls to last for many years, so they can become cherished family heirlooms that are passed down through the generations. Not only does this help reduce waste, but it also promotes a sustainable lifestyle that benefits everyone.

Hand-embroidering Little Lenni doll's face.

Craftsmanship & Design

Craftsmanship and design are the heart and soul of Little Lenni. We pour our love, dedication and great care into creating unique dolls.

Our aim is to bring joy, warmth, and lasting memories through our thoughtfully crafted dolls. We pay attention to every single detail, making sure that each doll is made with utmost care and precision.

Our design philosophy revolves around the idea that true beauty lies in simplicity. We strive to create dolls that exude a natural charm and capture the essence of childhood wonder.

Little Lenni Founder


Hey there! I’m Milica, also known as Mica or Mimi (my sweet daughter’s nickname for me)! I’m the proud founder and designer of Little Lenni. I call a charming town on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro my home, where I live with my loving husband and our three-year-old bundle of joy, Sophie.

My journey began with studying graphic design and specializing in illustration. After working as an illustrator for around five years, I felt the need for a new hobby that would allow me to step away from the screen and find some creative fulfillment. That’s when I decided to enroll in a basic sewing course. The pandemic hit before I could finish it, and I found out I was expecting a baby.

During the late stages of my pregnancy, as I took a break from work, I started sewing toys and blankets for my little one. It was during that time that the idea of creating my brand of toys sparked within me. While I adored illustration, I wanted to do something more, something that would bring joy to the world. Becoming a mother was the ultimate inspiration and motivation for me to venture into the wonderful world of handmade dolls.

My daughter gave me the courage, the drive, and the unwavering determination to bring this dream to life. I’m thrilled to share this journey with you and bring a little bit of happiness into the lives of children and parents alike.

Thank you for your support and sending big hugs your way!

– Milica –