Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully, before accessing or using our website. By accessing and using this website or utilizing any part or service available through the website littlelenni.com, you agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined herein, and, in this regard, the Agreement shall be considered signed.

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all orders you place with Little Lenni through our website, littlelenni.com. Please note that these terms exclusively apply to consumers and are not applicable to retailers or business entities. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Little Lenni. 

By visiting our website or making a purchase, you actively participate in our Terms and Conditions and consent to comply with the following Terms and Conditions, including additional terms, conditions, and policies cited herein or accessible through hyperlinks. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all users of the site, including but not limited to browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and content contributors.

Little Lenni is hosted on WordPress. They provide us with an online e-commerce platform that allows us to sell our products and services to you.


In this Agreement, unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms shall mean:

  • If you register with us for services and adhere to the other provisions of this Agreement, you may receive assistance in using services and making purchases from the webshop www.littlelenni.com.
  • “Webshop” refers to the website: www.littlelenni.com.
  • We reserve the right to amend these provisions and conditions at any time. All changes and additions to the conditions will be published online on the webshop. As a user, you can terminate this Agreement through written documentation (via email at info@littlelenni.com) if you do not wish to accept the new terms and conditions offered to you. However, continuing to use the service or website will be considered an acceptance of the new conditions.


  • Application of Terms: The use of services and the website is subject to the provisions and conditions stated in these Terms and Conditions.
  • Age Requirement: To use the webshop (with or without registration), you must be 18 years old or older.
  • Equipment and Communication: To use the website and/or services, you need to provide computer equipment and an internet connection. We are not responsible for telecommunication costs or any other expenses that may arise from using our webshop.
  • Registration: You can use our webshop without registration; however, by registering for services, you will have access to more functionalities on our website. We reserve the right to reject a new registration or cancel an existing registration at any time.
  • Access to product information, product prices, and services is also available without registration.


  • We do not guarantee that the webshop will operate without errors and do not take responsibility for any errors or omissions. In the event of a service error, it should be reported via email to: info@littlelenni.com.
  • We do not guarantee that your use of the services or webshop will be uninterrupted and that all information obtained through the service or on the webshop will always be timely, accurate, and reliable.
  • While we have taken all technical measures to ensure your safe experience on Little Lenni’s webshop, we do not guarantee that your computer will not be infected with a virus or have any other undesired effects caused by computer technology.
  • Although we have taken all technical actions and measures to ensure the service operates smoothly, we do not guarantee that access to the service and/or webshop will be without disruptions. Therefore, our service may be suspended, restricted, or terminated at any time.
  • We do not assume any responsibility for the content or services of any other website or service linked by the webshop or service.
  • We do not assume any responsibility for the functionality of your web browser.
  • We reserve the right to block access and/or edit or remove any material that violates any clause of this agreement or the business interests of any partner, supplier, or advertising space lessee.
  • LITTLE LENNI, as  Milica Golubovic Selakovic Umjetničko stvaralaštvo “Little Lenni” registered in Tivat, Montenegro, whether an owner, director, manager, agent, or collaborator (collectively or individually), is not and cannot be held responsible for any kind of potential damage, including but not limited to direct, indirect, or consequential damage arising from the use or non-use of the website or any of the internet site services.


  • If you or someone else, with your permission, uses the webshop or service contrary to these Terms and Conditions, we may suspend the use of some or all of the service and/or webshop.
  • If we suspend the use of the service or webshop once, we may permanently refuse the re-use of the service or webshop, or possibly until we receive a written guarantee from you that there will be no further violation of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


The customer declares to have read the stipulations of these general conditions prior to completing an order for the Products. By placing the order, the customer explicitly and irrevocably acknowledges and accepts the terms detailed below.

6. PRODUCTS OR SERVICES (if applicable)

While every effort has been made to portray items accurately, slight variations may occur. All measurements provided are approximate, and colour reproduction is as precise as photographic and publishing processes permit. Please note there may be variations in colours depending on the calibration and settings of individual screens. Little Lenni cannot be held liable for the difference in colour nuances. If you have any questions about the products, feel free to reach out to us at: info@littlelenni.com

All product descriptions or pricing are subject to change without notice, solely at our discretion. We reserve the right to cease the availability of any product at any time. We do not guarantee that the quality of any products, services, information, or other materials purchased or obtained by you will meet your expectations, or that any errors in the Service will be corrected.

As part of our service, you will be presented with products based on various criteria. Criteria may change over time. Some of the criteria include:

  • Product and service display is in alphabetical order;
  • Products and services can be sorted by popularity on the website, by descending or ascending price, etc.


After successfully placing and completing payment for your order on littlelenni.com, you can expect an email confirming the details of your order, providing that you submitted an accurate email address when placing your order. Subsequently, another email will be sent to confirm the dispatch of your order. While we cannot guarantee the constant availability of all ordered goods in our inventory, we will dispatch them as promptly as possible. If you notice that any of the information emailed to you is incorrect please contact us immediately so we can correct it.


  • Within our web shop, we offer items that are currently available; however, we cannot guarantee that the selection is available at all times during your browsing and placing products in the cart.
  • Products that are not available and are ordered by you will not be charged to you (in the case of online payment), and in such instances, you will be notified through the status of your cart.


The price is expressed in euros and does not include shipping costs. The price indicated in the order confirmation is the final price, expressed all taxes included without VAT, given that Little Lenni is registered as a Sole Trader in Montenegro and is exempt from VAT. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise stated or conditions.

The price invoiced to the customer is the price indicated on the order confirmation sent by Little Lenni.

Little Lenni reserves the right to decline any customer order.


The prices of our products may change without prior notice. We retain the right to alter or terminate the Product and/or Service, or any aspect thereof, at any time without prior notification. We are not responsible to you or any third party for any changes in pricing, suspension, or cessation of the Service and/or Product.


  • Payment for orders is processed online through credit cards, with the following limitations: The LITTLE LENNI webshop accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro credit cards approved by the issuing bank for online payments.
  • Customers based in Montenegro have additional payment options:
    Payment for orders can be made in cash upon delivery or by bank transfer according to the Invoice (payment to the specified bank account through commercial banks or the Montenegro Post).
  • The Customer is responsible for the payment of products, i.e., the transaction and the transfer of funds to LITTLE LENNI.
  • The use of the webshop is free for all visitors to the LITTLE LENNI webshop. LITTLE LENNI reserves the right to charge for services in the future for certain services that were previously free. You will always be promptly informed of any changes before incurring any charges. In the event of charging for a service in the future, we will request your details for such transactions.


All transactions will be conducted in euros (EUR / €). If payment is made using credit cards issued by foreign banks, the transaction amount will be converted into the cardholder’s local currency, based on the exchange rate of Visa/Mastercard card companies.


When entering credit card data, confidential information is transmitted over the public network in a secure (encrypted) form using SSL protocol, applying state-of-the-art methods of data tokenization, and in accordance with PCI-DSS standards. The security of data during the purchase is guaranteed by the credit card processor. At no time are credit card details available to the merchant.

3D Secure protection for all merchants and customers – AllSecure Payment Gateway adheres to the highest global standards of data protection and privacy. All merchants using AllSecure Payment Gateway are automatically included in 3D-Secure protection, ensuring the safety of purchases for customers. Credit card numbers are not stored in the merchant’s system, and the entry itself is protected by SSL encryption of data.

PCI DSS Standards – AllSecure Payment Gateway consistently complies with all requirements of card organizations to increase the level of security for merchants and customers. Since 2005 until today, without interruption, the system has been certified as PCI-DSS Level 1, representing the highest industry standard. The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a norm that defines necessary security measures for processing, storing, and transmitting sensitive cardholder data. PCI Standards protect sensitive user card data throughout the entire payment process: from the moment data is entered at the merchant’s point of sale, during communications between the merchant and relevant banks and card organizations, as well as in the subsequent storage of this data.

Little Lenni is hosted on WordPress. They provide us with an online e-commerce platform – WooCommerce – that allows us to sell our products and services to you. You can read more about the security of credit card payments on their webpage here.


We maintain the right to reject any order placed with us. By using our store, you agree to provide accurate and up-to-date purchase and account information for all transactions. It is your responsibility to promptly update your account details, including email address and credit card information, to ensure smooth transaction processing and effective communication.


  • The “LITTLE LENNI” webshop delivers products to the following countries: United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.
  • Upon placing an order with us, we initiate efficient processing within 1-3 business days. Upon dispatch, you will promptly receive an email notification containing comprehensive shipping details, including a tracking number. Please be aware that depending on the courier, it may take up to 2 business days for the tracking link to become active.
  • External factors may influence the precise delivery schedule, and these are circumstances beyond our control. Regrettably, we are unable to offer a specific delivery timeframe for your chosen destination due to these variables. Please understand that we cannot assume responsibility for any delivery delays.
  • The ordered products will be packed for transport to prevent damage through standard handling during transit.
  • If any product is missing compared to the order, the order will be delivered without that product, and no charge will be applied.


  • The customer is obliged to check the contents of the delivered goods upon receipt. In case of any errors in delivery or damage to the goods, it is essential to immediately report them to the delivery personnel who brought the goods. Do not accept the goods if there are visible external damages. If you are dissatisfied with the ordered item, you have the option to return it. However, a protocol must be prepared, clearly stating the reason for the return. Reasons for returning goods may include damaged and/or inadequate products. In the case of returning defective and/or damaged items, the invoice amount will be reduced by the cost of the returned item.
  • Please note that we will not accept the return of any product that is not in the condition as shipped (not been used, washed, damaged, etc) and must still be labeled.
  • It’s important to note that both the original delivery shipping costs and return costs are non-refundable. Therefore, you are accountable for the return shipping costs. We kindly request that you ensure all customs charges, shipping costs, and any additional fees are settled to avoid any complications with your return.
  • You can read more on Returns here.


Under no circumstances may Little Lenni be held liable for improper use or deterioration linked to exceptional weather conditions. Little Lenni cannot be held liable for damages of any kind, whether tangible or intangible, which may result from a malfunction or improper use of the products sold. Complaints or disputes will always be received with attentive benevolence, good faith is always presumed in those who take the trouble to explain their situations. In the event of a dispute, the customer will contact Little Lenni to obtain an amicable solution.


Your submission of personal information through our website is governed by our Privacy Policy.  You can read more about it here.

The customer’s personal data will not be communicated to third parties unless explicitly requested.


As part of the LITTLE LENNI Web Shop service, you may receive messages – emails containing offers or other information about products and services you may have chosen. We do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy and/or completeness of the information delivered, but we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that all information or suggestions you receive in an email are accurate.

By providing your email in any context, you agree that LITTLE LENNI may use your email address to inform you about the status of your cart and for other purposes related to the product or service, as well as for administrative purposes.


As part of the service and on the website, we may allow you to post comments, impressions – reviews, or other comments regarding products or services. We reserve the right to remove your posts, impressions – reviews, or other comments at our discretion at any time, making them no longer visible to other site visitors.

By submitting any content to the LITTLE LENNI website in the form of a post, impression – review, or comment, you declare:

  • That you are the author of such content and the owner of all intellectual property rights in it.
  • That all content you have posted is accurate, meaning there is no false, untrue, or misleading information.
  • That you are at least 18 years old.
  • That the content you posted does not violate any of the terms of this Agreement and is not offensive in any way.

If you choose to submit specific materials upon our request (such as contest entries), or if you voluntarily send creative ideas, suggestions, proposals, plans, or other content, whether through online platforms, email, postal mail, or any other means (collectively referred to as “comments”), you acknowledge and agree that we have the unrestricted right to edit, copy, publish, distribute, translate, and otherwise utilize, without limitation, any comments you provide to us, at any time and in any medium.

We are not obligated to (1) maintain the confidentiality of any comments; (2) provide compensation for any comments; or (3) respond to any comments. While we reserve the right, we are not obligated to monitor, edit, or remove content that we, in our sole discretion, deem unlawful, offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, or otherwise objectionable, or that violates any party’s intellectual property rights or our Terms of Service.

You agree that your comments will not infringe upon any third-party rights, including copyrights, trademarks, privacy, personality, or other personal or proprietary rights. Additionally, you agree that your comments will not contain libelous, unlawful, abusive, or obscene material, nor will they contain any computer viruses or malware that could affect the operation of the Service or any associated website. You must not use a false email address, impersonate any individual or entity, or mislead us or third parties regarding the origin of any comments.

You bear sole responsibility for the accuracy and content of your comments. We assume no liability and accept no responsibility for any comments posted by you or any third party.


At times, there may be errors, inaccuracies, or omissions in the information provided on our site or within the Service. These may include typographical errors, inaccuracies in product descriptions, pricing discrepancies, promotions, offers, shipping charges, transit times, and product availability. We reserve the right to rectify any such errors, inaccuracies, or omissions, and to modify or update information, or cancel orders if necessary, without prior notice. This includes situations where inaccuracies are discovered after you have already submitted your order.

We are not obligated to provide updates, amendments, or clarifications to information within the Service or on related websites, unless required by law. The absence of a specified update or refresh date should not be interpreted as an indication that all information provided within the Service or on related websites has been modified or updated.


Registration allows you to order, purchase, and submit the “Cart” you have chosen as an order directly to LITTLE LENNI, establishing direct contact with us.

  • Your use of our Web Shop is entirely at your own risk.
  • The content of the LITTLE LENNI webshop is as shown and is available when it is available, and we will strive to make it practical for use and available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • LITTLE LENNI disclaims any warranties, including but not limited to the warranty of availability, accuracy of information, content of information, and services.
  • LITTLE LENNI does not guarantee that the website will work without errors, interruptions, or disruptions.
  • LITTLE LENNI does not guarantee that the server on which the website is hosted is or will be free from viruses.


Little Lenni reserves the right to modify these General Conditions of Sale. Any additional features or tools incorporated into the existing webshop will be governed by the Terms of Service. You can consult the latest version of the Terms of Service on this page at any time. We retain the right to modify, alter, or replace any section of these Terms of Service by publishing updates and/or changes on our website. It is your responsibility to periodically review this page for any modifications. Continuing to use or access the website after any changes have been posted signifies acceptance of those changes.


In addition to the restrictions outlined in the Terms of Service, you are prohibited from engaging in the following activities on the site or with its content:

(a) Using the site for any unlawful purpose; (b) Soliciting others to participate in unlawful acts; (c) Violating any international, federal, provincial, or state regulations, rules, laws, or local ordinances; (d) Infringing upon our intellectual property rights or those of others; (e) Engaging in harassment, abuse, defamation, discrimination, or any form of harmful conduct based on various factors including gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin, or disability; (f) Providing false or misleading information; (g) Uploading or transmitting viruses or other malicious code that could affect the functionality of the Service or related websites; (h) Collecting or tracking personal information of others; (i) Engaging in spamming, phishing, or other deceptive practices; (j) Using the Service for any obscene or immoral purposes; (k) Interfering with or bypassing the security features of the Service or related websites.

We reserve the right to terminate your access to the Service or any related website if you engage in any prohibited activities.


We cannot guarantee, represent, or warrant that your use of our service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free. We do not assure that the results obtained from the service will be accurate or reliable. You acknowledge that we may, from time to time, remove the service for indefinite periods or cancel it at any time, without prior notice to you.

You expressly agree that your use of, or inability to use, the service is at your sole risk. The service, along with all products and services provided to you through it, are, except as expressly stated by us, offered “as is” and “as available” for your use, without any representations, warranties, or conditions of any kind, whether express or implied. This includes all implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, merchantable quality, fitness for a particular purpose, durability, title, and non-infringement.

In no event shall Little Lenni, our directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, interns, suppliers, service providers, or licensors be liable for any injury, loss, claim, or any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special, or consequential damages of any kind, including, without limitation, lost profits, lost revenue, lost savings, loss of data, replacement costs, or any similar damages, whether based in contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability, or otherwise, arising from your use of the service or any products procured using the service, or for any other claim related in any way to your use of the service or any product. This includes, but is not limited to, any errors or omissions in any content, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the service or any content (or product) posted, transmitted, or otherwise made available via the service, even if advised of their possibility.

Since some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such states or jurisdictions, our liability shall be limited to the maximum extent permitted by law.


The rights and obligations of the parties that arose before the termination date shall continue to apply even after the termination of this agreement.

These Terms of Service will remain in effect until terminated by either party. You have the option to terminate these Terms of Service at any time by informing us of your decision to discontinue using our Services or by ceasing to use our site.

If, in our sole discretion, we determine that you have failed to comply with any term or provision of these Terms of Service, or if we suspect such failure on your part, we reserve the right to terminate this agreement without prior notice. In such cases, you will remain responsible for any outstanding amounts owed up to and including the date of termination. Additionally, we may deny you access to our Services, or any part thereof, as deemed appropriate.


These General Terms and Conditions of sale are regulated by Montenegrin law. In the event of a dispute, the exclusive jurisdiction lies with the Montenegrin courts. If you encounter difficulties or wish to file a complaint, you are invited to contact Little Lenni to seek an amicable resolution.


Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at info@littlelenni.com